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Why short term goals make you happier?


What we think

We always want to achieve something big, something groundbreaking. Something that will make you famous or get you a 100% salary hike or take your business to reach a million customers. 

But then, you get tired and hate to work. You find yourself clueless as to why you are doing something which has no results.

You also wonder why it is taking so much time for you achieve your goals even after working for 10-12 hours a day, often twice as much as other people.

What we should think

First thing is, set the right goal. Create a broader SMART goal for yourself. It should tell you what you want to achieve, by when you want to achieve it, and how you’ll achieve it. But, don’t stick to that. Break your goal down. Set short term goals. Or rather, achievements that will give you the feeling that you’re going towards the right direction. 

These short term goals are the way to satisfying your need for constant success. You can’t keep working hard with no results for a long time. You’ll burn out. Every now and then we need opportunities to celebrate.

Don’t bore yourself. Understand what will make you happy in a shorter timeframe. Now work hard to get it. 

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By Rajat Sinha
Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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