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Why I am joining the 30 Day Blog Challenge?

By December 18, 2018 May 18th, 2019 No Comments

I have been writing blogs for quite some time now. However, most of the time those are random things that I have experienced over my career. I am sure I have been able to write some useful stuff, however, I was never really able to take it up full time or rather extremely seriously.

Recently I realized that I can make my blogging a rather regular occurrence to help share my knowledge in a more structured and professional manner. After understanding how the 30-day challenge can help me become active at it, I decided to give it a try. Although it is meant for beginners, I have come to realize that it can also help people like me, who know how to blog or use the technology but are rather not regular at it. Looking forward to making the most out of it and help as many people as I can with my knowledge and experience.

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