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Why being a perfectionist is bad & how to stop being one


I know, cause I am. I used to take pride in being a perfectionist. It was a skill not everyone can master, and that led me to create and do great things that people always appreciated. But, there are flaws in being a perfectionist. Here I quote a few from an article I read

  1. Being a perfectionist makes you think you’re never good enough.
  2. It can make you too fussy so you miss good opportunities.
  3. It makes you overlook the positives.
  4. Being a perfectionist feeds stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.
  5. It is counter-productive and can impact on your performance.

Are you a perfectionist?

Now, just to be sure, it’s important to know that you’re really a perfectionist. Here are some pointers that will help you analyze whether you’re a perfectionist,

  1. You Expect Perfection From Everyone
  2. Struggle To Complete Tasks In A Timely Manner
  3. You View Mistakes As Proof You’re Inadequate
  4. Invest A Lot Of Energy Into Masking Your Flaws
  5. You Avoid Doing Things That May Cause You To Fail
  6. Can’t Celebrate Your Success
  7. Your Self-Worth Depends On Your Achievement
  8. Your Quest For Perfection Causes Your Mental Health To Deteriorate
  9. You Aren’t Satisfied With Your Life

How to stop being a perfectionist?

Now, how to stop being a perfectionist? To start with, understand that perfectionism is a problem. Next, you need to start challenging yourself to set more realistic goals. Also, start to accept failures & mistakes. It’s only part of the process. You often learn more from your failures than your success.

We perfectionists often wait for the right moment. Don’t! There are no right moments. Just do it. Start scribbling on a piece of paper to get started with your work. Also, stop expecting everyone to be like you and deliver the best results.

Lastly, it’s not entirely about overcoming perfectionism. It is about balancing your perfectionism with your work. 

Are you a perfectionist? Let me help you with my experience to overcome this. Email at [email protected]

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