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What is an idea?


“An idea is a thought or suggestion to a possible course of action.” That’s what you get when searched for the definition of ‘idea’.

It’s important to understand what is an idea and why an idea is important. Because not everyone has an idea. So, if you do have an idea and you think it’s a great one, you will have to ensure that the idea is truly utilized. Take pride for having a great idea.

An idea is not just a thought, it’s a responsibility. It’s a responsibility because great ideas can change things. It can make or break how we live. Ideas are powerful. It can empower people and also wipe out the entire mankind.

An idea is a responsibility. Make sure to turn your thoughts into reality. That’s what entrepreneurs do. We all have great ideas, but only few are able to successfully execute them. They understood their responsibility so they acted upon it. Facebook was a thought that turned out to be a great idea. Uber was a thought, that turned out to be a disruptive idea.

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By Rajat Sinha
Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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