What is a Session & Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

By May 19, 2019 No Comments

Google Analytics tracks various data on user activity. And there are various terms that it uses in order to explain that data back to you. It can be often difficult to understand what each of these terms mean. Google has written topics and made videos to help you understand all these terms. However, I realized a short version of that can be more helpful to some as well. To start with, here’s what a session in Google Analytics really mean:

What is a session in Google Analytics?

As soon as a user loads a webpage, Google creates a session for that user. That session lasts for about 30 minutes of inactivity. If the user returns after the session is over, Google starts a new session for that user.

What is a bounce rate?

Bounce rate is when a user leaves your site without making any engagement. Bounce rate is usually high when your users fail to find relevant content on your website.

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