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Think Saving Time in User Experience Design

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Save users time in User Experience Design (Source: Walter Lim)

People coming to your website doesn’t have the whole day to accomplish their goals. Unless you’re IRCTC and they have no other option. We are too busy in our lives and even a few seconds may seem like an eternity.

Saving time in User Experience Design

This means, don’t waste your users time. Help them accomplish their tasks faster. A second less when multiplied by a million users, can save a lot of all our time.

Reduce unnecessary steps, make moving forward easier. Learn from Uber. They have made booking cabs so much easier and faster by understanding how ‘most‘ users behave and book cabs.

Ask if there’s something you can take away without affecting the usability to a great extent. Remember, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication‘.┬áSteve Jobs while working on iDVD asked his team to remove everything they had done and make it a system where users can burn DVDs by dragging and dropping. That’s it. Look at a Nero and how complicated it was. Ultimately Windows followed suit, it was just a copy and paste that required to burn DVDs. Now Pen Drives do the same. Just imagine having a software where it would ask how you want to copy your data to the pen drive, in which format, where you would play it etc etc.

So, reduce stuff, make your users experience faster and simpler.

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