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Create simple yet powerful product designs


Product-men always believed in creating simple products. Easy to play with. Easy to understand. But, that never meant, less powerful. Simplicity is not equal to¬†ineffective Don’t take away powerful features from your app or product to make it simple. Simplicity is in the product design, not on the hardware. Think what you can change to make it less complicated for your users. Remove steps...

Think Saving Time in User Experience Design


People coming to your website doesn’t have the whole day to accomplish their goals. Unless you’re IRCTC and they have no other option. We are too busy in our lives and even a few seconds may seem like an eternity. Saving time in User Experience Design This means, don’t waste your users time. Help them accomplish their tasks faster. A second less when multiplied by a million...

Design for the largest category of users


It’s simple, you can not cater to all of the users. Doing so will result in creating a product that doesn’t serve well for anyone. Identify what are the type or category of users who will come to your website. Now,¬†list them as per the priority. For example, Female shoppers (50%), Male shoppers (25%), Potential Sellers (10%) Potential candidates (5%), Other researchers and media (10%)...

Secret to User Experience design


Whenever I search for the ‘best user experience design’ tips on Google, it gives an end number of results with way too many things to learn and remember. That’s great. But, what the book written by Steve Krug taught us is simple, and applying that into your design, can change things. Don’t Make Me Think Steve said one important thing, “Don’t Make Me...

Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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