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Stand out: Start self promotion

By May 19, 2019 No Comments

Stop showing off. Stop bragging. Keep your head down.

These are a few terms, you have always heard from your parents, friends, family or colleagues. It’s not right.

I have never promoted myself for over the years.  Until recently when I came across an article that talked about why individuals should promote themselves openly. So, here’s why and how you should do it.

It might feel discomforting to promote yourself about your achievements & skills. It feels like bragging. It makes you feel icky. The discomfort comes from how you assume others perceive your self-promotion.

Self-promotion is important because it helps you stand out. If there are 100 candidates apply for a job, only by promoting yourself in the right manner you can stand out of them for the recruiter. Most of all, it will help you reveal your untapped potential. Self-promotion doesn’t have to sound like bragging. It can be more of sharing information in the most structure manner possible.

Try these to get started with feeling good about self-promotion:

  • Take a piece of paper. Write down what makes you remarkable.
  • Now, read it out loud. (How does it feel?)
  • Great. Now share it with friends and family and get their feedback.

You can ask others what they think about you as well. Start talking to others about your achievements and success passionately.

And… well, actually that’s it. You only need to feel comfortable about it. And I hope this articles helps you get started.

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