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Whenever I search for the ‘best user experience design’ tips on Google, it gives an end number of results with way too many things to learn and remember. That’s great. But, what the book written by Steve Krug taught us is simple, and applying that into your design, can change things.

Don’t Make Me Think

Steve said one important thing, “Don’t Make Me Think”. That also happens to be the name of the book. The concept is simple. Users don’t like to solve puzzles when they use your product. It has to be a seamless experience.

So, when you design your next product, think whether a task makes your user think about it. Make things obvious. Car doors are supposed to have the handle at the side of the door, not at the top where the window is. That’s just stupid. So, create things that the user can easily understand and use. It saves their time and makes their experience great.

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By Rajat Sinha
Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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