Pick the right manager

By April 14, 2019 May 14th, 2019 No Comments

Who you work with matters early in your career. It matters because you become the person you work with. You pick their traits. You also start to pick their style, their passion, their positivity and negativity. And therefore, early in your career, don’t look to work with a great company. Look to work with a great manager.

Research about him/her. Find out what he has done in his life. Ask him questions. Learn to understand what his vision is. Interview him while he is interviewing you. If you end up realizing that he is not what you wish to become, leave immediately. Do not spend even a day working for someone who does not match your ideologies and principles. Yes, you do not get much of an option early in your career. But that doesn’t mean you should end up working with someone who does not set the right examples for you. Good luck on your hunt for a new job. I hope you find the right boss.

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