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Design for the largest category of users


It’s simple, you can not cater to all of the users. Doing so will result in creating a product that doesn’t serve well for anyone. Identify what are the type or category of users who will come to your website. Now, list them as per the priority. For example, Female shoppers (50%), Male shoppers (25%), Potential Sellers (10%) Potential candidates (5%), Other researchers and media (10%)...

Secret to User Experience design


Whenever I search for the ‘best user experience design’ tips on Google, it gives an end number of results with way too many things to learn and remember. That’s great. But, what the book written by Steve Krug taught us is simple, and applying that into your design, can change things. Don’t Make Me Think Steve said one important thing, “Don’t Make Me...

Why short term goals make you happier?


What we think We always want to achieve something big, something groundbreaking. Something that will make you famous or get you a 100% salary hike or take your business to reach a million customers.  But then, you get tired and hate to work. You find yourself clueless as to why you are doing something which has no results. You also wonder why it is taking so much time for you achieve your...

App promotion tactics for beginners!


There’s a reason you clicked on that link. You’re either a marketer who is interested in promoting an app or an entrepreneur who has an app. Either way, let me tell you this frankly, this is not the ‘101 of app promotions’. This is also not something that will make you an awesome marketer when it comes to mobile apps. But, this article will help you get started. This will...

Meet the LinkedIn Pulse guy, Akshay Kothari


…who now runs the show at LinkedIn Bangalore now. Akshay Kothari is the Head of LinkedIn in India who sold his first company Pulse, to LinkedIn in the year of 2013 at $90 Million. Here’s an interview of his exciting journey from Harvard to Linkedin India with Ravi Gururaj, Chairman NASSCOM Product Council. You can also watch this fireside chat with Bhavish Aggarwal (Ola)...

The deals and discounts industry in today’s world!


Read a story on about Anisha Singh. The title was, “How an accidental businesswoman created a start-up valued at Rs 1,000 crore”. Wow! Who wouldn’t open a story that reads that line? Anisha is the co-founder of a company called, MyDala. If you don’t know already, Mydala is a website like Nearbuy or the Little app. They bring you discounts and deals from all over the industry. Be it...

Best advertisement of 2016 featuring Michael Phelps


Hi there! I am sure you have seen some jaw-dropping ads throughout this year 2016. But, I watched this video by Under Armour, featuring Michael Phelps, and it blew my mind. What a great composition. And the story behind the success of Michael Phelps is very well projected in this one and a half minutes advertisement. Therefore it won’t be too much to say that this takes the credit for the...

Why you should focus on premium


As it turns out, premium always makes more money than standard. I will share examples, but before that, let me talk about what I exactly mean by premium. Premium is a positioning of your brand from others in terms of quality and pricing. It goes the same way for any product. Even content. You will find websites who write standard articles and then there are websites who write thoughtful premium...

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