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How to deal with urgent tasks as a product manager?


If you are a product manager or a tech lead at a startup, it is almost certain that you are handed urgent tasks, almost always. If possible, you would require to deliver them yesterday.

This becomes frustrating for many. Urgency leads to building broken products. And this is definitely not something you would prefer if you believe in launching the perfect product.

Here are a few things to do to cope up with urgent tasks. These are in favor of the business though.

  • Be ready for ’em. You simply can’t ignore urgent tasks. What we used to do is create a list of tasks that are important and plan ahead for them. However, we also used to keep some buffer time for urgent tasks. They are always going to mess with your schedule. And knowing that, it is best you are prepared for it.
  • Stop cursing. Being frustrated will only hamper your productivity. You have got to understand why it is urgent and put yourselves in the shoe of the founder or whoever that task came from to understand what makes it so urgent.
  • Deliver on time. Often we misunderstand a requirement. We push ourselves to build something that is simply the greatest of all. Get out of that mindset. If you have less time, build something that meets the goal, works and is on time.
  • Prioritize. To deliver on time, you have got to prioritize the list of features that are required to fulfill the requirement. Then, start prioritizing them. Chuck off the features that are fancy and are not/less important.

You can’t live a life without urgent requirements. Therefore, instead of cursing them all day, figure out the best ways to deal with those and take the opportunity to help your startup meet its goals, ON TIME!

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By Rajat Sinha
Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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