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How much does company branding really matter today?


To save you the time, NO. Branding no longer matters. People love the quality, they love to use amazing products. Your company branding activities have very little to do with people buying your products.

Let me give you an example. A┬áconsumer walked into an Apollo Pharmacy store looking for Dettol Hand Sanitizer. The Apollo guy brought one and asked him whether he would like to try the new Apollo Hand Sanitizer. He said, “This (Apollo product) is good too”. The consumer without a thought bought that.

Have you noticed how the shelves of Spencer is replacing branded items with their own labels? If not, head to a Spencer store today. ‘2Bme’ is the new clothing line Spencer has launched, and it is already there in many of their stores. Besides that also Spencer have many of their own brands which they are strategically pushing to the consumers with no branding activity whatsoever. Are people buying them? Of course, they are. It carefully fits into the category of customers who steps into a Spencer store to buy clothes instead of a Pantaloons or Shoppers Stop.

What if retail chains remove your product from their shelves?

Question is, what if these retail chains stop selling branded items and only sell their own products? What will the brands with zero customers connect do to save themselves? Will branding activity help them sell even today?

Your company branding campaigns matter. It educates people about you, your product. It creates an excitement in them to buy the product you are selling. But, if you fail to be there at the end of the funnel, you’re screwed. Here is how the funnel we have known so well for so long looks like.

Buying Funnel

This is true for FMCG brands as well as high-value products. Remember, you’ll have to catch people at the end of the funnel, or someone else will just take her away. Whatever you have spent to educate that user about cool clothes, will go down the drain if she finds a similar dress by some ABCD brand when she is purchasing it.

Now if this seems like a problem to you, I might have a solution. Get in touch. I shall be able to help your brand find consumers at the end of the funnel where they are making the crucial buying decisions.

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Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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