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Design for the largest category of users


It’s simple, you can not cater to all of the users. Doing so will result in creating a product that doesn’t serve well for anyone.

Identify what are the type or category of users who will come to your website. Now, list them as per the priority. For example, Female shoppers (50%), Male shoppers (25%), Potential Sellers (10%) Potential candidates (5%), Other researchers and media (10%). Now, for this product or website, you will have to prioritize the navigation and elements for the top two user segments. Otherwise, your website will lose focus. If it’s a shopping website your primary focus should be to make sure users are seeing the menu of product categories and not media and press and career. That’s just stupid.

Again, you can’t cater to all visitors. Doing so will ruin the experience of your most valuable users. So focus on one or two user segments while you think about user experience design.


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Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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