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Compromising on user experience for security


You must have seen many websites where the security to access content is so high that the actual user experience is compromised. You will get frustrated to the core while trying to log in or register. It is even more frustrating for a user if there is no other option but to use that only website. For example when you book a railway ticket from IRCTC or try to redeem your payback points from You really don’t have an alternative for these services.

Now, when we design user experience today, we tend to think about the thieves more than the normal people. We focus so much to stop users from manipulating the system that we forget about the good users who will use it too. And guess what, we make their experience a terrible one.

So, what do we do to improve the user experience over security?

  • Make it easier to log in. Think about a good user first, then the bad users. You should be taking care of the security. Making it difficult for the user is just lazy.
    • Do you think Facebook or Google has fewer security concerns than any other portal? You think they don’t care about their users? Or the privacy of their users matters less? Not true. Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, Amazon, all of these companies have similar security concerns for a users data. But, they have made it simpler, over time so that no one can hack into your profile.
  • Remove captcha, PLEASE
    • Have you ever seen a Facebook, Google, Amazon using a captcha? Then why do you? To stop spams, you’re reducing the nice people out there fill up a form? Oh, and what about those promotional captchas with ads? Are you kidding me?
  • Stop asking to loginĀ again and again unless the user is accessing some sensitive information or making a security change.

Make small improvements at your end to improve the overall experience. Understand behavior and based on that push for security measures.

Saving one minute of a user can save a million minutes for us all.


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By Rajat Sinha
Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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