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Meet the LinkedIn Pulse guy, Akshay Kothari


…who now runs the show at LinkedIn Bangalore now. Akshay Kothari is the Head of LinkedIn in India who sold his first company Pulse, to LinkedIn in the year of 2013 at $90 Million. Here’s an interview of his exciting journey from Harvard to Linkedin India with Ravi Gururaj, Chairman NASSCOM Product Council. You can also watch this fireside chat with Bhavish Aggarwal (Ola)...

Best advertisement of 2016 featuring Michael Phelps


Hi there! I am sure you have seen some jaw-dropping ads throughout this year 2016. But, I watched this video by Under Armour, featuring Michael Phelps, and it blew my mind. What a great composition. And the story behind the success of Michael Phelps is very well projected in this one and a half minutes advertisement. Therefore it won’t be too much to say that this takes the credit for the...

Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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