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How to deal with urgent tasks as a product manager?


If you are a product manager or a tech lead at a startup, it is almost certain that you are handed urgent tasks, almost always. If possible, you would require to deliver them yesterday. This becomes frustrating for many. Urgency leads to building broken products. And this is definitely not something you would prefer if you believe in launching the perfect product. Here are a few things to do to...

Steps to create an information architecture


Before I tell you about the steps to create an Information Architecture is, let’s talk a little about the three components that are essential while creating a website or product. Information Architecture – Helping users know where they are and find what they are looking for. Usability – It is how easily or intuitively the user is able to find content or perform an action. User...

Building a Minimum Sellable Product


At the last edition of #StartupSaturday Sumit Marda, Co-founder at MindHour brought up the idea of building an MSP or Minimum Sellable Product. Interestingly, many entrepreneurs have taken the route to building an MSP than an MPV. It’s highly popular among those creating B2B products. Why a Minimum Sellable Product? Building a product, your users are ready to pay, is the best way to...

Compromising on user experience for security


You must have seen many websites where the security to access content is so high that the actual user experience is compromised. You will get frustrated to the core while trying to log in or register. It is even more frustrating for a user if there is no other option but to use that only website. For example when you book a railway ticket from IRCTC or try to redeem your payback points from...

What is an idea?


“An idea is a thought or suggestion to a possible course of action.” That’s what you get when searched for the definition of ‘idea’. It’s important to understand what is an idea and why an idea is important. Because not everyone has an idea. So, if you do have an idea and you think it’s a great one, you will have to ensure that the idea is truly utilized...

3 Books entrepreneurs should read


Here is a list of my all time favorite books entrepreneurs read and love. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited by Steve Krug It’s the best guide that touches every aspect of Usability and Information Architecture. Steve, who is an Information Architecture and User Experience Design professional wrote the first edition of the book in 2000. In 2013, the third edition of the book was published...

One step ahead is not enough to stay sustainable


To create a successful business it is important to stay ahead of the competition. So much ahead, that they are not able to catch up to outrun you. If that happens, you will have a lot of competition in the market where everyone is competing with the same features to acquire customers or sell. The chances of differentiating yourself will become limited. Your competitors will start to reduce the...

Create simple yet powerful product designs


Product-men always believed in creating simple products. Easy to play with. Easy to understand. But, that never meant, less powerful. Simplicity is not equal to ineffective Don’t take away powerful features from your app or product to make it simple. Simplicity is in the product design, not on the hardware. Think what you can change to make it less complicated for your users. Remove steps...

Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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