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‘Is digital marketing going to work for me?’ Answered.


In my 4 years of career in Digital Marketing, I have faced many entrepreneurs and business owners who wonder whether digital marketing will work for them or not. The answer, no matter what type of business they own is always same. Hopefully, this article will answer all of your query around whether digital marketing will work for you or not, and how to get started. Ask yourself, do your business...

How much does company branding really matter today?


To save you the time, NO. Branding no longer matters. People love the quality, they love to use amazing products. Your company branding activities have very little to do with people buying your products. Let me give you an example. A consumer walked into an Apollo Pharmacy store looking for Dettol Hand Sanitizer. The Apollo guy brought one and asked him whether he would like to try the new Apollo...

App promotion tactics for beginners!


There’s a reason you clicked on that link. You’re either a marketer who is interested in promoting an app or an entrepreneur who has an app. Either way, let me tell you this frankly, this is not the ‘101 of app promotions’. This is also not something that will make you an awesome marketer when it comes to mobile apps. But, this article will help you get started. This will...

Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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