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App promotion tactics for beginners!


There’s a reason you clicked on that link. You’re either a marketer who is interested in promoting an app or an entrepreneur who has an app. Either way, let me tell you this frankly, this is not the ‘101 of app promotions’. This is also not something that will make you an awesome marketer when it comes to mobile apps. But, this article will help you get started. This will help you jump towards preparing the right marketing strategy for your apps. So, let me start with the app in itself.

Whatever you do in life, the first and foremost thing that you should know about marketing is, that the product has to be awesome. Otherwise, whatever effort you put into the promotions, will go to waste. This is the golden rule which I have seen very few people following. So, first thing first, User Experience & Usability is the ultimate marketing strategy for any product company. Remember that.

Now let me tell you a little about promotions of an app. As you have already read in many places, there are many ways in which you can market an app. But the most important ones are only a few. If you focus on these promotional strategies, rest might not be required.

Available Methods of App Discovery

There is two type of apps. Branded and non-branded. Branded apps are from vendors like Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter etc. Non-branded apps are like Hindi Dictionary, Hindi Dictionary (Offline) etc.

Here is how non-branded apps are discovered by consumers. And where you should put most of your efforts.

Source: Nielsen Blogs

It is important to know how users download apps so that you can be present in all these places. Also as a marketer, you will have to know where to focus and how to prioritize it.

How to cover the discovery market?

References from closed ones

Most users download apps from references from people they know. It also includes listening to recommendations from the people they follow online on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

How to: To achieve genuine shareability, we will have to make users love the app. No doubt, enhancing the overall user experience to delight the users will play a major role in building brand advocacy. This should not be limited to unlocking the lessons. Shareability must also include content that users love. For example, some blogs or quotes or any exciting content related to your app. We will have to delight those users who are regularly using the app to ensure that they become your brand advocates.

Not just from the app, but shareability will also happen through social media. You will have to create content that will get the maximum shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Searching the app store

There are multiple ways in which a user searches for an app in play store. They either discover the app through categories, featured products or through keyword searches.

How to: To rank higher in category results, both the app quality and App Store Optimization plays a huge role. App Store Optimization in itself can increase organic ranking to boost discoverability. For ASO, app title, short description, long description, brand quality, downloads, ratings, play a major role.

Also getting featured in Apple App Store and Android Play Store can improve the overall discoverability. It takes time to get featured. Some of the factors that play a major role in getting featured are mentioned below:

Getting featured in App Store

  • High Quality
  • Go Native
  • Be Apple friendly
  • Use foreign markets
  • Keep it up to date
  • Good app description
  • Make a pitch
  • Buzz
  • Follow the App Store marketing guidelines

Getting featured in Android Play Store

  • Make your mobile app Android-friendly
  • Use new technologies
  • Social media marketing
  • Technical requirements

Third party websites

Getting the app enlisted and being offered by third party websites will also build a lot of credibility and increase in organic downloads. Bloggers and review websites are the right type of platform to get the app enlisted.

Email Marketing, Paid Channels, Blogs

Other than the above-mentioned activities, email marketing, paid channels and blogs will help you a build a much stronger brand than the other players in the market. Paid channels are the best way of introducing your new app to potential users. PR Campaigns can also be used to launch your app. Although, you should not do any of these until you have done your user testing properly. I am not getting deeper into these methods. They are a separate topic of discussion. Although, if you have any queries about using any of these channels, leave a comment below.


Start with putting most of your efforts into User Experience, ASO ranking and building advocacy. These three areas will prove really powerful in your quest to achieve higher number of downloads.

Learn more about content marketing. There’s no other alternative. It will empower your overall marketing. Hope this article helps you in some way. If it does, do let me know in the comments. If you think it can be improved, please do mention that as well.

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