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When human beings interact with a bad product, they lose precious time, effort and energy. These interactions create disturbance in their everyday lives. Products are meant to make people’s lives easier. They are meant to solve problems. However, most products don’t.

I work with companies in building products with beautiful designs and remarkable experiences. We ensure that products are built with the intention to help people achieve their goals seamlessly.

My Name is Rajat Sinha. I work as a product manager with a mission to create products for the future at companies like Indus Net TechShu, LenDenClub.

From Digital Marketing to Product Manager

Back in 2014, I had started my journey as a digital marketing executive. I had read somewhere the potential it had and found it interesting enough to take up as a career option. Today, I realized the importance of building products. It can change the way we work. And we are working towards making the world a better place with some remarkable products.

Product Manager, Digital Marketing

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