A startup entrepreneur's guide to creating sellable products!

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Stand out: Start self promotion


Stop showing off. Stop bragging. Keep your head down. These are a few terms, you have always heard from your parents, friends, family or colleagues. It’s not right. I have never promoted myself for over the years.  Until recently when I came across an article that talked about why individuals should promote themselves openly. So, here’s why and how you should do it. It might feel...

What is a Session & Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?


Google Analytics tracks various data on user activity. And there are various terms that it uses in order to explain that data back to you. It can be often difficult to understand what each of these terms mean. Google has written topics and made videos to help you understand all these terms. However, I realized a short version of that can be more helpful to some as well. To start with...

Why it’s important to understand and differentiate Revenue, Profits and Risk for a startup


Although it sounds fairly straightforward, often in the fast pace environment, startups forget the definitive metrics that can make or break their company. Not only that, these metrics are often poorly assigned to the right people to take care of, where one goal is taken up by multiple leaders where the other is completely ignored. Here’s a simple way to start thinking about Revenue...

A startup entrepreneur's guide to creating sellable products!

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